Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Expgati Relocations and Transports except for it or its partners, sell or reveal the info. of the clients at no expense. The statistics obtained via this platform are accessible only on Expgati Relocations and Transports or an employee working on or with Expgati Relocations and Transports. Our full privacy policy is as follows:


Collecting and Using Information:


Expgati Relocations and Transports is the sole owner of the information accumulated on this site. Such knowledge is not unlawfully sold, distributed or leased to anyone, which could hurt our customers anyway. In order to offer secure and stress-free operation, Expgati Relocations and Transports gathers input from our Customers at many different points on our website. We never disclose the documents of our valuable clients to anyone outside the organisation. We are very much methodical on this point.


Important details about confidentiality-Email Scam:


The customers of Expgati Relocations and Transports are hereby warned of a series of bogus e-mails from Expgati Relocations and Transports which appears to be forwarded to users to check and validate their e-mail address and/or password. Please contact us in no time should you ever get these emails or calls from Expgati Relocations and Transports.


Saving and using “cookies” IP addresses:


When a customer visits our web page, certain records including a customer’s Internet Protocol Address, an ISP name, the operating system, the arrival location, and the time/date of your visit will be stored in the site’s software operating system. Expgati Relocations and Transports also captures information using advanced “cookies” technologies. The usage for internal marketing purposes is entirely protected by cookie technologies.

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