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Packing & Moving

We have a trained team for packing and moving. The company has a vast experience in doing low to high-cost relocation. Not only that but we provide multilayer packing with export quality materials. So, people of India treat us as one of the leading packers and movers in Mumbai. We provide unmatched home shifting and office relocation services. Besides, car and bike transport, local shifting, domestic relocation etc. are other services. Our company completes pet relocation in a unique method. We always try to do a pre-move survey to offer a perfect and affordable rate to the customer. Moreover, after the home shifting, we help to re-arrange the goods in the new house.

Expgati Relocations and Transports
Expgati Relocations and Transports

Loading & Unloading

The loading step is very  important while shifting home. We train labourers for loading and unloading in the correct way. There are many precious as well as heavy goods at home. We must take care of those. Not only goods, but we must take care of those who are doing loading and unloading. Many times we heard injuries or damaging of items while loading or unloading. Our men are too experienced and trained for safe loading and unloading.


The main reason for Transport is to move things from one place to another depending on the demands. The main ways to transport are via land or roads, air, railway or ship. Transport plays an essential part in the market of any country. Most of the cases, any industry is not able to move without a transport procedure. ExGati Relocations and Transports is one renowned company providing quality transport services. We do domestics as well as corporate or industrial transport. Our company has a few trucks or other vehicles for transport in Mumbai or in PAN India. Due to that, we can offer an affordable rate for transport. There are many agents who take vehicles from other companies to do so. Moreover, they have to charge more as they do not have their own trucks for transport in Mumbai. We have an online system with modern and advanced methods to support a huge number of transports per day. ExpGati Relocations and Transports is a famous company for decades.

Expgati Relocations and Transports
Expgati Relocations and Transports


Storage and warehousing is very much crucial in the industry of relocation. We provide excellent warehousing to store the valuables of the clients. Our warehouses are scientifically built and they are highly sophisticated. They can store the goods of the clients in a systematic method so that the items can be extricated in an easy manner whenever they are required. Our warehouses are also air-conditioned and free from any kind of dust and pollution. There we store the goods of the clients in such a way that they remain in their pristine condition. For car and bikes, we have top warehouses.  They are spacious enough and can store lots of vehicles at a time. whenever the clients need them, they can be taken out without any harm to others. Thus, we provide top warehousing services to our dear clients. Our clients can easily avail them at a pocket-friendly cost.


In the field of safe and smooth logistics services no can compete with us. We are highly experienced, skilled and expert in the field of logistics services and we serve our clients in the most efficient manner. The company has good and sturdy vehicles to provide you with stress-free logistics services. Our staff are trained well also to cater to the needs of the clients. We have different kinds of vehicles to fulfil the diverse needs of the clients in an effective manner. From singular item to bulk items, we are equally efficient in any kind of logistics services. The charges we take for our quality services are really reasonable and lower than other branded companies. If you need a smart and safe logistics company, we are your one-stop solution. In Mumbai and other locations in India, we have already served a lot of clients and they are very much satisfied with our quality logistics services.


Expgati Relocations and Transports
Expgati Relocations and Transports

Bike Transportation

Bike Transportation is very much significant and Expgati Relocations and Transports have excelled in the field with flying colours. Bike Transportation occurs more frequent than car transportation as most people possess bikes rather than cars. They also want safe and secure transportation and shifting of their bikes. We are highly efficient in Bike Transportation. Our bike carriers are scientific and modern vehicles. They can easily transport your dear bikes in a safe and smooth process. We also have modern tools and equipment to lift the bikes safely and also unload them again. Our workforce is skilled enough to offer you matchless bike transportation. And we do them with an expert hand. As a result, our clients face no trouble and their bikes get no scratch or damage. So, if you need to transport or relocate your bikes in an efficient manner, you can easily contact Expgati Relocations and Transports.

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